Plaza Guadal  your center for almost everything in Puerto Guadal

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Where can you find everything

you need in Puerto Guadal?


Here you are in Puerto Guadal, the pearl of lago Carrera, a uniquely special town in a stunning loction, with its sunny micro-climate, its spectacular views of the peaks and glaciers of the Northrn Ice Cap. You are ready to enjoy a perfect vacation.


But first? Perhaps you need a few things... food of all sorts, fresh bread, some bottles of good Chilean wine, some information, a tasty restaurant, perhaps lodging in a comfortable cabin. Where can you find all this and more? At La Plaza, more than a simple market or supermercado, a real commecial center for  Guadal. Everything you need and a warm welcoming smle...


Do you need something else? Dont hesitate to ask us. We hope you enjoy your stay in Puerto Guadal...


We'll be waiting for you!


Fernando & Elena & the staff of La Plaza


You will find us at:

Las Camelias 147, only a block from the town Plaza

telefone (56) (67) 243 1130

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or write us at contacto @