Plaza Guadal  your center for almost everything in Puerto Guadal

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Travel by Bus

You will find the bus you need at Supermercado Plaza

Where do you want to go?

To Chile Chico? To Cochrane? Or around our lake, passing through Puerto Tranquilo, as far as Murta?

Or to any of the key localities in our region?


Many buses that connect these towns pass though Guadal, and quite a few of them stop at our La Plaza market to load and unload passengers. The schedules below will tell you the routes, days of the week, and

hours of the buses that stop at La Plaza.



BUSES MARFER     between Chile Chico & Cochrane

                                        Contact: Fernando Marecela,     cel:  9 7756 8234     email:


Monday, Wednesday & Friday

from Cochrane to Chile Chico     leaving Cochrane at 8:00

from Chile Chico to Cochrane     returning from Chile Chico at16:00



BUSES COSTA CARRERA     between Chile Chico & Bahía Murta

                                        Contact: Rodrigo Figueroa,     cel:  9 8768 8906     email:


Friday& Tuesday,  from Chile Chico to Murta,            leaving Chile Chico a 13:00

Wednesday & Sunday,  from Murta to Chile Chico    leaving Murta at 13:00



You can also book special trips

To book a custom bus trip call "Chileno Acu"  at  9 7972 5588, o write him an email at


If the above days and hours don't fit your travel plans, remember there are two other bus services in Guadal: Buses ECA & Turismo Seguel

You will find us at:

Las Camelias 147, only a block from the town Plaza

telefone (56) (67) 243 1130

to send us an email please click

or write us at contacto @