Plaza Guadal  your center for almost everything in Puerto Guadal

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our restaurant

and café...


In our upstaires dining area above the market, you can enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner with a bottle of great Chilean wine...   During the summer tourist season we generally offer a daily gourmet menu, but you can also arrange a special dinner for your group or family. Just toalk ot us in advance.

Bon appetit!

How about a coffee break?

Why not?


Our coffee shop area and dinning room above the market is always open...

Where does the name of our restaurant, Chelenko, come from? It is believed to be the Tehuelche Indian name for Lago Carrera....


You will find us at:

Las Camelias 147, only a block from the town Plaza

telefone (56) (67) 243 1130

to send us an email please click

or write us at contacto @